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BASED IN: (City and Country)


      Presentation of your own professional self in your own words.

OFFERS: Kind of material. For example: Articles, interviews and fiction, photos...

PUBLISHED: The names of media you've contributed to.
       For example: New York Times, National Geographic, CNN...

AVAILIBILITY: For example: Upon assignment. Can travel.

PROPOSALS: The kind of pieces you do most.

PHOTOS: Yes or No, if you can do stories with or without photos.

LANGUAGES: The one/s you write and/or speak. Remember that what you answer here will condition the languages used for the contacts/proposals.

CONTACT: E-mail, telephone, address, fax, cell phone... It's your choice. If you do not have e-mail, we can set up one for you, like

OTHER MATERIAL: Feel free to send examples of your photos in format JPEG.
I'll put the PromoPress icon on each before posting them on your site.

A list of the ideas for new articles, photo-assignements or such that you might have. Every idea YOU give will link to YOUR page... More Ideas, more Links. (Can somebody come by the agency and steal ideas of the page? Sure, so don't describe the titles TOO much. (Leave the full query for the media that actually contacts you!!!)

Have you got anything to LOOSE???

Agencia de Prensa | Press Agency

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