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A young woman's passion for adventure

Danae is a great lover of sports, of the mountains, of great heights, of the snow and, why not say it, of danger; born 28 years ago in Calafell, Tarragona, of Dutch father and Swedish mother.

She has developed her passion for extreme nature in many ways, but among them photography is one of the most outstanding - with a degree in "Photography Technology" (CFGS), combined with a degree in "Sport Technician in Mountaineering" acquired at the EEAM (Spanish School of High Mountain) allowed her to work for the company "Studio3 Inc." during the celebrations of the Kayak Prequalifying Tournament 2000 (Pallars).

She has worked as a mountain guide for the firm "Routes - guides of the Pyrenees" which has permitted her to capture different forms of snowboarding in photojournalism, such as:

Her knowledge of the mountains has increased, but with a degree in "Operator of Recreational Vessels", (not only the mountains have beckoned this intrepid adventuress) she possesses basic knowledge in rescue, which will be useful in everything she does... Her experience and knowledge of other countries are based on the trips she has made to places like: Spain, Europe, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Japan, Jamaica, the U.S.A. and Nepal.... she is fluent in various languages such as English, Spanish and Catalan, with a knowledge in French and Dutch.

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