Mobile Brain Trainer, the first game for mobile phones that
stimulates the brain's ability

September 2006...// "Mobile Brain Trainer" is the first game created for mobile phones that helps to develop mental capacity. The producer
is Spanish company Kitmaker. The objective, apart from pure entertainment, is to train the brain and thus increment its agility
and the mental capacity of any person, no matter of his or her age. The different exercises and techniques used have all been developed
by an expert in brain behaviour, Professor Batllori.

The player can measure and verify the improvement of the capacity of his or her brain capacity and, as well, compete and compare this with
other users, even with the same phone as the program allows to create an unlimited number of profiles, thanks to its multi-player feature.
Also, the complexity of the programming makes sure that the player will never reply to the same question twice. The program, written in
JAVA, is composed by nine games of ingenuity and mental wits that stimulate the player to improve the level reached in the three
categories of Logic, Arithmetic and Memory.

This new concept of the game, that is compatible with most brands and models of cell phones, is inspired by the investigations by Jorge
Batllori, university professor and author of the popular book "Games that Train the Brain"

Mobile Train Trainer is recommended for any person, from 12 years and up, and the simple exercises are bound to make logical thinking
become fashionable.

"It has been proved that short and frequent sessions are very beneficial. The innovation, for Kitmaker, is the incursion in the
field of didactic games and so far Mobile Brain Trainer is a  commercial hit. What's really positive is that the mobile is a very
personal device that is carried most of the time, thus allowing to use the game in moments that otherwise, probably, wouldn't really be
used for anything useful," says Alejandro Cabedo, Marketing Director at Kitmaker.

The game, which has required the participation of 9 professionals and 6 months of work, will be distributed in more than 15 countries and
translated to at least 5 languages.

Further information about Mobile Brain Trainer, including videos, are available at:

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